Not everyone has access to a garden to grow their own products, nor does everyone have access to a south facing view, and even if you do — well, we all could use a little help.



Design by nature

Grassroot Biotics

The automated home cultivator for all things green.

Design by nature

Automated home cultivator

Temperature and Humidity

Our gardens monitor your plant through it's life, giving you the information you need to grow your best.


With a 3l (1gallons) reservoir ensures that your plant has enough water to last for up to two weeks.

Light Timers

If preset settings aren't your style, the app provides full control over your plants lighting, control side lighting and overhead lighting independently.

Carbon Filters

When some plants flower, they can smell a little too strong, our carbon filters ensure that smells are reduced during the best part of your grow.

Flexible Nutrition options

You can use our own slow release nutrients for your grow, however if you already have a favourite then you will be happy to know you can use whatever nutrients you want.




Grassroot Biotics
285 Victoria Street, Room 310
Toronto, ON M5B 1W1

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